Friday, July 23, 2010

Bittersweet Endings, Great New Beginnings, with a little Nostalgia on the side...oh, and hold the mayo.

So this week was VBS week. A couple weeks ago Russ told me I'd be working with the Junior High group...I wasn't thrilled. However, I went ahead and planned all the lessons, and on the first day I realized it was going to be an awesome experience. The kids, although quite talkative at sometimes (who isn't at that age) seemed fairly eager to learn about God. The discussions went really well, they answered the questions, participated in the activities, offered up personal experiences. The week was long and tiring, but oh so rewarding. I'm glad to finally be getting somewhat of a break, but I will really miss all of those kids that I won't see in regular week to week youth group. I got a lot of good experience dealing with different kids this week, it was a good time. Somewhere in between those busy nights I did get to play some tennis. I played well both times I went out, a lot better than I had been playing. Hope to keep playing once I get to Bluffton, which is a fantastic segue in to my next rambling. It has come time to do...well, back to school shopping. I couldn't be happier. I am more excited for this year than I have been for the past 3. I can't wait to get back and see the themed housing guys. Just to name a few... Kevin W. Eli, Zeke, Brent, Tumblybumble, Eli², and all the other guy I am too lazy to name (it's nothing personal, I just have a terrible memory) I am psyched.
This summer I've gotten pretty good at making care packages. Sent one to Abby, Hanna, Jenna, and Liz. They are all so far away : ( well...except Liz...her's hasn't technically been sent yet though. I miss everyone. Also, I'd like to know who actually reads this. Let me know if you've read it!

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Bonus Audio of the Week: www.myspace/mattiemontgomery * Check this out if you really want to think about your faith.

Thanks for reading...if you did.

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  1. i REad it!
    I use to do VBS at 'Second Baptist' in defiance.. those kids WOW! they are something else! not only did they get something out of it, but i think i got more out of it then what they did. it truly was heart touching. I was however a little disapointed i could not help out this year. But life goes on, because i know i'll get another oppertunity like that sometime soon!