Monday, August 9, 2010

I want to go the Future.

Hey all.

A lot has happened since my last post. Well, ok, I admit, not that much has happened. Had a cookout for the Tuesday Night Thing (TNT) group with the church, went to Michigan to see my new niece, Annie (picture to the right) went to the Primus concert, found a good new band as a result, went to the Irish Festival with my brother, and have been writing my sermon for the Youth Sunday this Sunday. As summer is drawing ever closer to its inevitable end, I am feeling better about this year more and more each day, but at the same time I am starting to panic. I know this year will go well, but on the other hand, I know it will go way too fast. I really need some time to just do nothing. I've been doing youth stuff all summer, it has been fantastic, but I feel like I never really got a "summer break." This is not to say that I am not thrilled to move in, because I definitely am, no doubt about that...I just need some time away.
Anyways, I've been people watching a lot recently, I don't feel great about that, because there is a fine line between people watching and out and out judging someone. That being said, I've noticed a lot of interesting things. People are just different. One thing I can't understand, is WHY in the world we can't come to terms with that?? People don't realize that humans are unique from each other. Without these differences life would be boring, drab, dull, uneventful,etc. I've been around a lot of negativity lately, and anyone that knows me well enough to be reading this knows that I am inherently not a negative person, I strongly believe that negativity leads us nowhere. It seems as of recently I have been just thrown in to a pool of negativity. People being judged right and left, badmouthing going on 24/7...and the thing that hurts the most, is that it is people that are close to me doing this stuff. What do they say about me when I am gone?? I try my hardest to avoid it at all costs, but when it is so closely around me at all times, it is very tough. I'm so tired of it. I hope and pray that this all changes when I get to Bluffton, Until then, I'll try to stay positive about the lack of positivity. Once again, let me know if you read this, and what you though. This helps me get my thoughts out there, but I really do want to know what everyone thinks about my thoughts, so that then I can tell you my thoughts on your thoughts about my thoughts.
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